Can I call you Hot Pants or Buns XD

Absolutely not. 

F.C how much time do you have as the fire crown?


That is something that I would also like to know. 


"But I would if I could."

im sorry this is really long and poopy haha i n e e d to sl eep but instead i did this frick

Drama King.

I love you.

How can you not love me? 

Girls, girls, no need to fight over me!


This does not involve you, anon. This dispute is between the pathetic human and I, over what rightly belongs to me. 

*hisses a little*


*Hisses louder* 

Wow. First magic anon in a while. Is this effecting simon as well?

It has been some time hasn’t it? And I believe this one might be even more annoying than the last one was…

Simon? I wouldn’t think so, last time I checked, he was still finishing up his punishment. Besides, even if he was done, he wouldn’t show any physical changes like I did, he would still maintain his human form. 

Would you like the nickname of I.C.?



I do NOT like this M!A! Can I please go back to normal now?!

But anyway, to actually answer your question, if you would like to address me as such that is fine. But I am also known as Sigyn, or just my original name of Ice Crown. 


M!A you are now a fire elemental


…This is a strange feeling…is this…warmth? …. I don’t like this. Not one bit.